TowerXchange Investment Hub

Investment Hub

Over the last three years, TowerXchange has brought together over 60 investment firms in European infrastructure with more then 35 European tower owners for a series of meetings throughout the two-day Meetup.

The TowerXchange Meetup Europe Investment Hub offers towercos, cleantech players in telecoms and innovative neutral host operators the chance to get in front of some of the key players in European digital infrastructure investment in a dedicated theatre-style session.

As telecom infrastructure becomes an increasingly attractive investment proposition for many funds and PE firms, and the transactional and IPO landscape gathers momentum – can you afford not to be hear first hand from Europe’s listed towercos, and to be privy to insights from the private sector?

Some are looking for capital injection, some may be seeking M&A advisory services. We will work with you to deliver a sizeable portion of due diligence activity, whether you are looking to invest or advise.

What is the TowerXchange Investment Hub?

Held to complement the baseline market information shared during the TowerXchange Meetup roundtables, the TowerXchange Investment Hub hosts invitation-only briefings by leading towercos and neutral host players. These confidential meetings and briefings will give investors the opportunity to open dialogue with CXOs of Europe’s towercos and assess potential new investment opportunities in European telecoms infrastructure.

Make sure you join us this year to address important questions, including

  • How many towers does the company own and how much revenue will this generate?
  • What capex on new build or tower strengthening is planned?
  • What is the current opex per tower?
  • Who are the major tenants?
  • What is the tenancy ratio?
  • What is the current shareholding of the company?
  • How much investment is the company looking for?
  • What is their proposed timeframe for the optimisation of your investment?
  • Who is the management team and what experience do they have?
  • What are the proposed ROIs offered by towercos?
  • Is there potential consolidation within the market?
  • Which regions are leading the way in terms of investment opportunities?

Download TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2019 prospectus