Mexico: a tale of two cities

Marc Ganzi and José Sola on MTP, AT&T, Telesites and what is going on in Mexico

Read this article to learn:

  • How is MTP doing, its future plans, expectations and relationship with investors
  • AT&T’s potentially disruptive impact on the local market and the opportunity AT&T represents for towercos
  • Which further regulatory changes are needed in Mexico
  • Telesites: does anyone know what the towerco is planning to do?
  • The 700MHz shared LTE network could need 8,000 sites in Mexico

TowerXchange is excited about Mexico like everyone else in the industry. But let’s be realistic. AT&T is likely to be great news for everyone but its network plan is yet to be finalised. Telesites has made international and local headlines but hasn’t been approved yet by IFT (which stated in recent news that the session…

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