Myanmar needs to accelerate to Internet time

Phone-friendly culture indicates pent up demand for coverage and capacity – the rollout will transform Myanmar, but can Myanmar keep up?

Read this article to learn:

  • Observations on the shareability of structures in Yangon
  • Myanmar’s Wi-Fi + Skype culture
  • Stuck in the mud? Rolling out during the rainy season
  • Why expendiency demands diesel; when Myanmar will be ready for green power
  • The lack of bureaucratic capacity, if not a lack of bureaucratic will

Editorial, by Kieron Osmotherly, CEO, TowerXchange. My taxi driver is atypical for a Myanmar citizen – he’s in a hurry. Which is nice because I was cutting it a bit fine to catch my flight home. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Myanmar, thanks to the hospitality of co-hosts the GSMA Green Power for Mobile…

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