Mer Telecom: One-stop-shop turnkey wireless infrastructure provider

Upgrading towers, accelerating rollouts and overcoming logistical challenges in some of the world’s most challenging emerging markets

Read this article to learn:

  • The importance of a single point of accountability from tower design and manufacture to installation and maintenance
  • How to audit and analyse tower capacity in the absence of original design data
  • How to determine whether it’s more cost effective to upgrade or replace a tower
  • How to accelerate time to market in network rollouts
  • How to overcome the challenges of inland logistics when installing towers in Sub-Sahara region

Arie Ben-Dayan is a thirteen-year veteran at Mer Telecom, one of the world’s longest established tower manufacturers and turnkey wireless infrastructure service providers. Mer Telecom are one of those rare breeds of company that are comfortable leading rollouts and retrofits in emerging markets, overcoming all the challenges around infrastructure transport, permit clearances, climate and political…

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