Outlocks: Independent, invisible solutions put you in control of cell site security

100,000+ telecom sites worldwide protected by expert security innovators dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor access control technology

Read this article to learn:

  • How electronic locking systems can cut costs, mitigate risks, and drive efficiency and accountability
  • How the challenges of securing and managing remote telecom sites can be overcome – including extreme weather and infrastructure access requirements of multiple subcontractors
  • How Outlocks enabled one customer to reduce unauthorised site accesses by 99%+
  • The future of access control – superior security, without keys

Remote outdoor facilities are often the hardest to secure. But for many businesses – especially those in the communications and utilities industries – the most valuable and critical assets are located outside. Outlocks draw on a strong heritage of security expertise and innovation to design and deliver specialist security solutions for outdoor and remote sites…

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