EnerSys: Pay it now or pay it later! Making advanced lead acid batteries the primary energy source

Global stored energy leaders EnerSys® present a case study comparing Diesel Genset (DG) battery hybrid with 24/7 DG

Read this article to learn:

  • EnerSys®’ credibility and experience as a proven leader and innovator in energy storage
  • TCO comparisons of different energy storage solutions in a DG/battery hybrid context
  • The suitability of Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries for PSOC conditions
  • How EnerSys® works with project partners to ensure that the requirements to fulfill warranty terms and conditions reflect the practical capabilities of the system and application
  • Installation examples from Indonesia and Myanmar

In the quest to reduce DG runtime and OPEX, an increasing proportion of cell sites which previously ran dual Diesel Gensets (DGs) 24/7 are now combining Charge Discharge Cycle (CDC) batteries with a diesel genset – in many cases with the battery bank becoming the primary source of power.  In order to understand the economics…

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