Perfect storm for investment in Mexican towers

Opening market should see the cost of individual towers drop and push for further tower sharing among key players

Read this article to learn:

  • The status of the Mexican telecom industry: key players, ARPU, EBIDTA data and penetration rate
  • The new telecom reform agenda and its potential impact on the local sector’s growth
  • Latest tower deals in Mexico and their comparison with other regional countries
  • Ifetel’s new role and its possible impact on the current telecom scenario
  • The macroeconomics of Mexico and related expectations for the future of the telecom industry

The next two years could prove to be a huge boon for the towers industry in Mexico, as regulatory, economic and business environment factors contrive to create a perfect storm for investment in the country. It is one of the more attractive markets from a telecoms perspective as it is the second most populous country…

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