RANsharing: the search for an equitable deal for MNOs and towercos

Heated debate helps MNOs and towercos appreciate one another’s perspective

Read this article to learn:

  • The different permutations of RANsharing which must be anticipated in MLAs
  • Three example RANsharing case studies: the UK, Greece and an Asian example
  • Understanding MNO and towerco perspectives on this contentious issue
  • The search for the magic number: what is a fair price, and fair contractual terms, to ensure a win-win outcome from RANsharing?
  • How the potential for future RANsharing affects tower valuations and divestitures

RANsharing is always a controversial topic at TowerXchange Meetups. The RANsharing roundtable at the TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2016 was tremendously useful because MNOs and towercos both put their cards on the table, the discussion got a little tense, but ultimately all parties left better understanding a little more about what was at stake for one…

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