SBA discusses its growth, small cell activities and forex challenges

Highlights from SBA Communications’ Q1 2015 earning call

Read this article to learn:

  • SBA’s year on year revenue growth
  • The company’s international results and outlook
  • Small cell activities and their potential in Brazil
  • Currency fluctuation affects SBA’s Brazilian business
  • Central America continues to grow
  • SBA’s tenancy ratios in the U.S. and Brazil

During the recent Q1 2015 earning call, SBA Communications’ CEO, Jeffrey Stoops, along with Mark DeRussy, VP of Finance and Brendan Cavanagh, SBA’s CFO and SVP, discussed latest results in both domestic and international markets. Here is a snapshot of what we found out. SBA’s site leasing revenue for Q115 was US$369.7mn (+19.5% from Q114)…

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