Galooli: Simple decisions you can make to reduce operational expenses on telecom towers

Galooli’s holistic performance monitoring system enables preventative maintenance and monitoring of the entire fuel cycle

Read this article to learn:

  • How to monitor fuel from the station, to the tanker, to the cell site
  • The analysis and tools required to enable preventative maintenance
  • The benefits of monitoring vehicles and staff to verify security and maintenance tasks are completed
  • How to counteract sensor tampering
  • How to unify fuel, maintenance and technician man-hours into the same O&M budget

Galooli are in the opex saving business. Whether they’re saving fuel, maintenance or overhead costs, their objective is to help asset owners reduce the impact of opex on the bottom line. Galooli position themselves as a holistic provider of remote performance monitoring software and hardware, enabling preventative rather than reactive maintenance, and they believe post-sales…

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