Karam: The criticality of protecting tower climbers

Fall protection experts Karam on the current state of safety systems in Africa

Read this article to learn:

  • What should be included in a complete set of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for tower climbers
  • How fall arrestors on fixed line systems work for lattice towers and for tubular poles, and what they cost
  • The necessity of using twin shock absorbing lanyards for 100% tie off
  • Training and motivating the work force to use PPE to create a safer culture in Africa
  • Integrating access control and ladder design to combat theft

Karam is a manufacturer of personal protective equipment, with their core competency being fall protection. The complete range of products offered by Karam are manufactured in its fully backward integrated operational set-up and today Karam is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of full body harnesses. Based in India, the company has a global footprint…

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