Flexenclosure: The dawn of the green energy era

RoI in less than two years means energy efficient power solutions with or without renewable energy are now the most affordable way to power many off grid and unreliable grid cell sites

Read this article to learn:

  • Why advances in energy technology can give tower companies radically improved opex for off-grid and unreliable grid cell sites
  • How it is possible to take a modular approach to the installation of hybrid energy at shared sites enabling easy expansion as the number of tenants increases
  • How to install the intelligence needed to separately bill tenants for energy consumed
  • How to reduce site visits by slashing DG runtime and reducing scheduled maintenance to a single annual visit
  • Why the telecom industry should dimension remote cell sites with capacity for Community Power

The economics of cell site energy are changing – for the better. Where the energy opex at a single cell site once had to cost upwards of US$40,000 a year, now the increased efficiency of power solutions and the falling costs of renewable energy sources offers an opportunity to reduce energy opex by 80-90%, and…

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