The history of the tower industry, and a comparison of towerco business models

A whistle stop tour through tower industry history, and a matrix of the business models of 42 of the world’s largest towercos

Read this article to learn:

  • A comparison of towerco business models against 11 variants
  • A brief history of towerco evolution in the US, CALA, Africa, India, Europe and China
  • Trends in public, private and MNO ownership
  • Towercos with a total market cap in excess of US$50bn progressing toward IPO

A developed market towerco which owns and operates just ‘steel and grass’ is a fundamentally different entity from an emerging market towerco that might manage towers, real estate and power. Towercos also grow in different ways; some focus on organic growth, others on inorganic growth; buying and leasing back towers from MNOs, or rolling up…

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