Leadcom: The marriage of passive and active infrastructure management

How to combine telecoms, structural and civil engineering skills to design, install, upgrade and maintain Africa’s telecoms infrastructure

Read this article to learn:

  • Duplicating the same contract framework agreement to ensure consistent service across Africa
  • How to maintain service during tower swaps
  • The potential for sharing rooftops and DAS in Africa in the near future
  • How and why opex and capex increases as you move from well connected urban to remote rural areas
  • How to survey and strengthen a tower to add capacity for additional tenants’ equipment

The advent of a new class of specialist passive infrastructure tower operators and service providers for Africa should not detract from the strategic integration of passive and active assets. TowerXchange spoke to Ofer Ahiraz, CEO of Leadcom Integrated Solutions, an international leader in the provision, management and implementation of telecommunications network deployment services and solutions,…

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