The Mexican 700MHz shared network: what’s in it for towercos?

TowerXchange roundtable reveals optimism (tempered by ongoing concerns) about Red Compartida

Read this article to learn:

  • The context: a tough two years for Mexican towers
  • What we know about ALTÁN Redes’ rollout: targets by 2018, 2019 and 2024
  • The opportunity for towercos to accelerate the Red Compartida rollout: urban co-location versus rural new build
  • The challenges: who will use Red Compartida? Where are the devices? And how credit worthy is ALTÁN Redes as a tenant?
  • If Red Compartida rolls out on time, what might the Mexican tower market look like in 2024?

Wholesale LTE networks have been mooted in many countries, deployed in few, and never before deployed in a country with as many towercos as Mexico. Shared 700MHz network Red Compartida is being rolled out by ALTÁN Redes, and TowerXchange revealed several practical insights into the implications of the rollout for towercos at a roundtable at…

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