The prospects for ‘middle market towercos’ in Africa

Are second tier towercos investible?

Read this article to learn:

  • Five different breeds of African middle market towerco
  • How middle market towercos fit into the North American tower industry
  • Reasons for operators’ scepticism about the credibility of middle market towercos as bidders
  • Opportunities in smaller, higher risk markets or with second tier anchor tenants
  • Last mover disadvantage - should anyone be interested in late to market towers?

A hot topic on two round tables at the recent TowerXchange Meetup was the potential for a ‘middle market’ of towercos in Africa. Does the aggressive bidding and accumulated experience of Africa’s “Big Four” towercos preclude new international, local or niche towercos from acquiring assets? Could new entrant towercos target markets too small or too…

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