The rise of the operator-led towerco

Which are the leading carve-out, operator controlled towercos, and will they be monetised?

Read this article to learn:

  • Which are the world’s newest and largest operator-led towercos and infracos?
  • What have been the drivers for MNOs to carve out and keep towers?
  • Will MNOs monetise these towercos? How? When?
  • Ten critical considerations when carving out a towerco

67% of the world’s 4.04mn cell sites are now owned and operated by specialist towercos and infracos rather than MNOs, but half the world’s cell sites are owned by towercos and infracos that are themselves majority-owned by MNOs. While that statistic is somewhat distorted by the huge operator-led towercos of China (China Tower Company) and…

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