The rusty bolt effect: why Passive Intermodulation testing is becoming globally relevant

4G LTE is driving the change in terms of testing requirements

Read this article to learn:

  • Anritsu’s testing and measurement offering and its increasing importance in light of 4G LTE network rollouts
  • Why carriers should invest in extra testing when deploying 4G LTE
  • How a loose connection can slow your network from 20Mb to a few Mb per second

Anritsu was founded in 1895 in Japan under the name of Sekisan-sha and then established as Anritsu Electric Corporation in 1931. With approximately 4,000 employees in twenty countries and sales volume surpassing 94,000 million yen, Anritsu is now a global company offering a wide array of cutting edge products and services in the R&D, manufacturing,…

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