TowerPower news: Apollo Solar’s leasing programme and HTN orders Flexenclosure’s eSite

Leasing programme announced by Apollo Solar for power systems on remote towers

Apollo Solar, the leading US-based provider of off-grid solar power systems, has announced an agreement with Green Power Leasing (GPL) to enable MNOs, towercos and ESCOs to lease solar power systems. GPL offers Apollo Solar Power Systems to qualified companies with a financial leasing package that offers the economic benefits of eliminating the high capex and locking in operating costs for the term of the lease.

GPL establishes a monthly lease payment that is lower than the current monthly cost of the diesel generated power.  The flat monthly payment relieves the carrier or tower operator from the increases in diesel cost, fuel transportation, diesel maintenance and fuel theft.

Flexenclosure partners with Helios Towers Nigeria for its eSite hybrid power system

Flexenclosure announced the expansion of its eSite hybrid power system portfolio with a new version specifically developed for tower companies and multi-tenant scenarios.

eSite now has the capability to provide power to up to four tenants with a combined power load of up to 10kW. Separate energy metering is also provided for each tenant, who can monitor their own site power-related data via eSite’s web based eManager client, while eSite’s intelligent control system Diriflex has an adaptive charging strategy for batteries, ensuring minimsed opex through the best use of available grid, renewable energy and/or genset.

“Tower companies are becoming increasingly important players in the telecom markets in Africa and around the world due to operators outsourcing their base station sites to them,” said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. “As infrastructure owners, the tower companies have an acute focus on managing the operational costs of their sites, so eSite is a key solution for them. ”

First eSite order from HTN in Nigeria

Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN) has ordered eSite for deployment during January 2014 in the Oyo, Ondo and Ekiti states of western Nigeria. Flexenclosure will be responsible for their complete management, including security, diesel supply, genset maintenance and overall maintenance of the equipment.

“Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of service and network uptime in the industry, in an environmentally friendly manner, and we believe Flexenclosure’s eSite can help us on both those counts,” said Chandrakant Modi, CTO, HTN.

“Nigeria is the biggest telecom market in Africa and HTN was the first tower company to be established there. To continue building footprint in this market is very important to us, as is proving the reliability, functionality, performance and overall peace of mind that tower companies require,” concludes David King.

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