Towershare’s appetite for towers in MENA and Southern Asia

The criticality of local knowledge and local relationships in tapping a diverse range of opportunities in the MENASA regions

Read this article to learn:

  • The credentials of Towershare’s experienced management team
  • How TowerShare is funded and their view of Islamic Finance as an option
  • What happened when eight towerco licenses were issued in Pakistan, and the prospects for a large scale tower transaction in the country
  • The impact of the Arab uprising on the prospects for large scale tower transactions in the Middle East
  • ‘Steel and grass’ versus end to end real estate, power, and O&M business models

Established in 2010, Towershare runs the largest independent towerco in Pakistan. Towershare’s renewed appetite for tower opportunities in the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia has been stimulated by funding from Cyan Capital at the beginning of 2014, followed by the appointment of Ericsson’s former President of GCC, Ray Hassan as Towershare’s new CEO….

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