TowerXchange market study: Laos

4G is being rolled out and more than one MNO has incentive to monetise towers, but government involvement and slow growth disincentivise investment

Read this article to learn:

  • The mobile market in Laos and impact of government stakeholdings
  • The prospects for tower divestitures in Laos
  • The culture of infrastructure sharing in Laos
  • Current status of 4G rollout
  • Power generation and cell site energy in Laos

The mountainous, landlocked country of Laos is has the lowest population density in the ASEAN region, with a population of just under 7mn spread across 238,800 sq km. There are just under 7,500 towers in the market, all remaining MNO-captive. Four MNOs, three of which are majority State-owned, participate in a relatively slow growing market….

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