TowerXchange’s forecast for how the Airtel towers will be distributed among Africa’s ‘Big Four’ towercos

Plus snapshots of the tower market in each Airtel country

Read this article to learn:

  • Which towercos acquired Airtel’s towers in each African country?
  • How did Africa Towers add value to the sites pre-sale?
  • How will the sale of 15,000+ Airtel towers across Africa affect the landscape of the tower industry?
  • How have the capital markets responded to Bharti Airtel’s African tower sale?

Airtel’s tower sale enables Africa’s towercos to achieve scale and to diversify country and counterparty risk, while the transactions will enable Bharti Airtel to retire ~US$2.5bn of their estimated US$10bn debt. As the deals have been announced, frustratingly the countries involved have not been confirmed – here we present TowerXchange’s educated guess as to which…

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