TowerXchange’s history of the Brazilian tower market

From AMT’s first deal to Oi’s restructuring plans: tracking the development of the exciting, and turbulent, Brazilian tower market

Read this article to learn:

  • The beginning of the Brazilian tower industry: American Tower’s first mover advantage
  • The wave of transactions 2012-2014: SBA, GTS and BRT scale
  • The role played by independent developers
  • TIM-AMT: the last big deal and the beginning of the halt era
  • Oi’s bankruptcy and today’s slow return to normality

Brazil is the largest and most mature tower market in the CALA region. But have you ever wondered how and when the history of the independent towerco industry began in Brazil? In this exclusive editorial, TowerXchange retraces the path of the Brazilian tower industry from the very first deals till today’s uncertainties. 2000s The history…

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