TowerXchange’s introduction to the global tower industry

The market size, structure and growth of telecom towercos worldwide

Read this article to learn:

  • What proportion of towers and rooftops are owned and operated by towercos on each continent?
  • How fast is the tower industry growing?
  • What is the value and size of the tower industry, and which are the leading towercos by market cap?
  • What are the different towerco business models and how do they differ by region?
  • How are towercos diversifying their business model, and what are the implications for site design?

This article introduces the history, business models and details the scale and growth of the telecom tower industry worldwide, drawing on TowerXchange’s unique proprietary research and data. TowerXchange is a research firm and community host focusing on the telecom tower industry. The renowned TowerXchange Journal is circulated to 35,000 decision makers, while TowerXchange also hosts…

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