TowerXchange’s market size and growth forecasts for the African tower industry (May 2014)

African tower industry achieves ‘launch velocity’

Read this article to learn:

  • The current size and forecast growth of the independent tower market in Africa
  • Who are the main players and where are they active?
  • Transactions to date and the cost per tower paid
  • Where the next African tower transactions will take place?
  • The implications for towercos, investors, MNOs and suppliers

NOTE THIS ANALYSIS IS NOW OUT OF DATE. FOR THE LATEST AFRICA MARKET OVERVIEW, CLICK HERE FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE VERSION: 25,000 towers are already owned, or managed and marketed, by Africa’s independent towercos, representing 17% of the Africa’s estimated 150,000 towers. There are currently 38,500 towers for sale in Africa, with a major deal…

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