Treefrog: A flexible solution able to track business operations beyond towers

From day-to-day site monitoring to cash-flow: Treefrog on its new set of products for the tower industry

Read this article to learn:

  • Treefrog’s footprint, products and experience
  • What makes Tower BPM™ a truly adaptable software solution for the tower industry
  • What KPIs should towercos always track
  • When should a towerco consider a Site Management System solution and why?
  • From asset registers to job ticketing: what do towercos expect from software?

With projects launching in three continents, Treefrog is a new company with bold targets. Daniel Reiter spent most of his career serving the telecom industry from different angles, including Telefónica and Tarantula, and has created a solution that responds to the demands, expectations and frustrations he has gathered in his previous professional experiences. In this…

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