Uncontrolled cyclic use of batteries and deep discharge recovery

EnerSys bring their Genesis EP battery to the poor/unstable grid telecoms sector

Read this article to learn:

  • Enersys’ history and experience in the telecom sector
  • How Enersys’ Genesis EP battery is ideally suited for unstable grid conditions
  • Key factors to consider in TCO calculations and battery selection
  • Theft protection systems inbuilt into Enersys’ cabinets
  • Remote monitoring and control systems and better battery management

In poor or unstable grid scenarios, batteries installed on cell sites are regularly subjected to uncontrolled partial state of charge (PSOC) conditions and medium to high cyclic use. This, coupled with the often high ambient temperatures at such sites, puts significant stress on the energy storage system in place. Enersys’ deep discharge capable batteries have…

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