Update: 77% of cell site antennas still down in Puerto Rico

On October 2nd M2Catalyst provided a crowdsourced report looking at Puerto Rico, showing that 86% of the cell site antennas were still down. In that study, the M2Catalyst data scientists analyzed 8.8 million records, identified 26,419 antenna sectors and found that 86% cell antenna sectors were missing in the wake of Hurricane Maria. 

As of yesterday, October 17, 77% of the cell site antennas are down in Puerto Rico. This represents 9% of the antennas on the island came back online since the last M2Catalyst study done on October 2nd, over the last 15 days. The improvements are still mostly in the area of the city of San Juan, while the rural districts on the interior and perimeter of the country are still largely without connectivity.

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