Turbina: Vertical axis small wind turbines perfect to reduce opex at remote cell sites

Turbina’s innvoative wind power solution produces power at wind speeds of just 1.5 m/s and functions independent of wind direction

Read this article to learn:

  • Launching a dedicated telecoms business unit and securing deals with Telekom Slovenia and T-Mobile
  • Can small wind solutions be added to existing telecom masts?
  • The advantages of vertical over horizontal axis turbines in terms of low wind resource requirements, noise, vibration and safety
  • TCO comparisons: wind+solar versus dual DG
  • The financial stability of Turbina

Turbina have enabled the wind power proposition to take a massive leap forward with their small vertical axis wind turbines that function independent of wind direction and generate power at wind speeds as low as 1.5 m/s. Turbina recently launched a dedicated Telecoms Business Unit and secured landmark contracts with Telekom Slovenia and with T-Mobile’s…

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