NETIS: Weathering the storm – making a profit in Ghana

Jean Farhat explains how Netis are evolving to protect profits in a market where margins are reoded from all sides

Read this article to learn:

  • How Netis are increasing control over their fuel supply chain
  • The demand for, and costs of, camouflage solutions in Ghana and beyond
  • The benefits of operating in a multiple towerco market for managed service providers
  • How the decommissioning process will play out in Ghana

2014 was a tough year for managed service providers in the Ghanaian market as the devaluation of the Ghanaian Cedi threw the market into uncertainty and a fuel supply crisis hit companies’ ability to deliver. In this interview Jean Farhat, Managing Director of leading end-to-end service provider Netis, explains how they have worked hard to…

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