What are the synergies between broadcast and telecom towers?

Examination of the opportunities and limitations of hybrid business models

Read this article to learn:

  • The importance and strategic fit of broadcast infrastructure in provision of backhaul and as network hubs
  • To what extent the telecoms sector can effectively de-risk broadcast towerco revenues
  • Does the merger of telecom and broadcast assets make financial sense?
  • How broadcast engineering expertise can bring strengths to the diversification of the towerco business model
  • Differences in regulation of the two sectors

With broadcast towercos representing Spain, Italy, the UK, France, Poland, Norway and Finland in attendance at the TowerXchange Meetup Europe, we hosted a panel session and roundtable to explore the synergies between the two sectors. Here’s what we learned. Of the 78,000 towers owned by independent infrastructure providers in Europe, almost 48,000 are owned by…

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