Valmont: What differentiates a custom engineered, high quality tower from cheaper alternatives

Lessons learned over 20 years of upgrading towers for multiple tenants at US$3.9bn manufacturing giant Valmont Industries

Read this article to learn:

  • Customising tower and component design to meet the needs of each site
  • Understand where delivery times and costs are incurred
  • Why some towers are cheaper than others, and the implications for quality
  • How Valmont has come up with standardised components for the tower modifications required by co-location
  • ‘Drop and swap’ versus reinforcement of towers

In this article, TowerXchange explore how to select the right tower and component manufacturer to meet your needs, balancing a number of factors including the price and quality of steel, the cost and quality of engineering, and the lead times for delivery. We speak to Kimberly Morrison from Valmont, who have a unique depth and…

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