Reime: What gets measured gets done

The new CEO of one of Africa’s leading passive infrastructure and managed service providers explains their key performance indicators

Read this article to learn:

  • The Key Performance Indicators for passive infrastructure management needed to meet exacting SLAs
  • Leveraging performance measurement to optimise maintenance response times and productivity
  • The necessity of understanding local laws and obligations to accelerate leasing and permitting
  • A comparison of capex in new sites in East ($80-100k), West Africa ($125-150k) and India
  • How Reime deliver energy savings of 35-40% by running the DG at variable speeds according to active equipment load

Anand Garg is the incoming CEO of passive infrastructure supplier Reime Group. Anand came to Reime from Viom Networks, part of $ 100bn Tata Group, where he managed Southern and Western India, a $300m business with 21,000 towers and over 1,000 people. Anand wanted to take what he’d learned to make a difference to a…

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