Eltek: What Hybrid Power can do for Africa’s telecom towers

How to identify sites where investing in CDC battery and solar hybrid power will slash DG runtime

Read this article to learn:

  • The adoption and relative merits of CDC battery, solar, wind and fuel cell hybrid energy solutions
  • How to prioritise at which site to invest in hybrid power solutions
  • How to design a greenfield site to maximise energy opex efficiency
  • How to futureproof a cell site so it is energy efficient with single or multiple tenants
  • How hybrid energy solutions help towercos improve site level profitability

Eltek is a leading hybrid telecom power manufacturer with 60 offices worldwide. Eltek’s product portfolio includes hybrid energy solutions focused on opex reduction, supported by a zero capex financing deals. Eltek have 4,000 hybrid sites deployed, and are currently bidding for a further $100m worth of hybrid solutions. TowerXchange spoke to Eltek’s Middle East and…

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