Ballard: When should fuel cells replace diesel power at emerging market cell sites?

Fuel cell technology offers a clean, quiet and reliable power solution with a smaller footprint

Read this article to learn:

  • What is the ‘sweet spot’ for adoption of fuel cells in terms of relative fuel cost, grid availability, runtime and site load
  • The impact on fuel theft of switching to a fuel with no alternate use
  • The capex and installation costs of fuel cells and TCO compared to DG+battery power
  • The refuelling logistics and asset lifecycle of fuel cell solutions
  • The efficiency of fuel cells as sites expand from single to multiple tenants

Under what conditions are fuel cells a viable alternate source of power compared with diesel generators? How does the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and energy logistics processes compare to diesel? To find out, TowerXchange spoke to the pre-eminent fuel cell company worldwide, Ballard Power Systems, who have been at the forefront of fuel cell…

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