ReliOn: Which fuel is the best choice for your location?

ReliOn’s fuel cell solutions are proven at over 1,900 customer locations in 36 countries

Read this article to learn:

  • The benefits of hydrogen over diesel in terms of maintenance, pilferage, spill abatement and emissions
  • The latest on the integration of Acta’s electrolyzer with ReliOn fuel cells
  • The impact of air quality and robust energy storage on fuel cell performance and longevity
  • Are fuel cell projects in telecoms eligible for carbon credits?
  • How modular design principles minimise capex whilst enabling power solutions to scale for multiple tenants

Sometimes it seems like members of the TowerXchange community are engaged in a war on diesel. Reliance on diesel makes energy opex unstable, it opens up risk of pilferage, spillage, and it tends to result in hefty maintenance bills and a substantial carbon footprint. In what use cases could hydrogen be a compelling alternate fuel?…

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