Why Colombia is so attractive to towercos

Perspectives on the Colombian and Peruvian markets according to Torres Andinas

Read this article to learn:

  • Torres Andinas: what has changed since last year and where the company is heading
  • Why is Colombia such an attractive market for towercos?
  • Peruvian carriers: less BTS and more second tenancies in future
  • Are there too many towercos in Colombia? And are more towers likely to be sold in the future?
  • The regulatory environment and the community relations challenge in Colombia
  • Colombia vs Peru: comparing the pros and cons

TowerXchange spoke to Eric Ensor, COO of Torres Andinas, back in August 2014 and ten months later he agreed to speak with us again to give us an update on what is happening in Colombia and Peru, where his towerco is active. Since last year, the Colombian tower industry has been expanding at a swift…

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