Why Helios Towers Africa has made Tanzania the anchor of their portfolio

Insights gleaned from the Tanzania round table hosted by Helios Towers Africa CEO Chuck Green at the TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2014

Read this article to learn:

  • A breakdown of the towers acquired and to be acquired in Tanzania, and forecast tenancy ratio
  • The implications of Viettel’s imminent entry into the market
  • Helios Towers Tanzania’s operational and energy efficiency priorities
  • How Helios Towers Tanzania partners with maintenance subcontractors to optimise performance
  • The potential for towercos to diversify into fibre sharing

When the Airtel tower transaction closes, Helios Towers Africa will own around 4,500 towers in Tanzania, representing 82% of the country’s towers, and almost half their pan-African portfolio, making Tanzania the anchor of Helios Towers Africa’s portfolio. Helios Towers Africa has invested, invested and invested again in Tanzania for good reason: Tanzania is a stable,…

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