EnerSys: Why lead-acid batteries meet the energy storage requirements of >90% of African cell sites

EnerSys® is exploring alternate energy storage chemistries, while moving up the value chain to offer cabinets and other complete power solutions

Read this article to learn:

  • Moving up the value chain from component supplier to cabinets, controllers and complete solar solutions
  • Comparing the market share of lead-acid with ‘exotic’ alternate energy storage chemistries
  • The benefits of lead-acid batteries over a 3-5 year TCO analysis
  • The impact of the independent towerco business model on the energy storage market

EnerSys®, innovators behind Li-Ion, Vanadium Redox and Sodium Sulphur energy storage, make the case for continuing use of lead-acid batteries in Africa. As leaders in energy storage, they are providing Li-Ion, Ni-Cad and developing Nickel-Zinc energy storage solutions, and moving up the value chain to provide cabinets and even complete solar solutions, but the core…

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