Why lead-acid batteries meet the requirements of >80% of the world’s cell sites

A comparison of energy storage chemistries, and a comparison of requirements across EMEA

Read this article to learn:

  • Lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, Sodium Nickel Chloride and flow batteries‘ suitability for Telecom markets
  • Tailoring EnerSys®’ core TPPL technology to meet specific client requirements
  • The implications on performance of correct charge, discharge, maintenance and replacement regimes
  • Intelligent temperature management: modernizing sites and moving equipment outdoors
  • A closer look at backup power requirements of European cell sites

Leading energy storage solution provider EnerSys® has transformed from a few hundred million into a $2.5bn business over the last 13 years that Anssi Laitinen has been with the company. He started as a Sales Engineer back in 2003 and has witnessed the global expansion and growth of EnerSys. During the last five years Anssi…

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