Why MNO consolidation is sometimes good news for towercos

The knee-jerk reaction can be that MNO consolidation lowers the glass ceiling on tenancy ratios and is therefore bad news for towercos – but is that always the case?

Read this article to learn:

  • The importance of consolidating spectrum into the hands of MNOs with the means to invest in their networks
  • The criticality of tenant creditworthiness to towerco investibility
  • The opportunity to identify and partner with genuine challenger tier two MNOs
  • When consolidation is bad news: market restructuring
  • The towerco as agent of consolidation

It’s no secret that many MNOs are struggling under an increasing burden of debt. The crippling cost of spectrum, hefty tax burdens, declining ARPU, OTT players eroding revenue streams… monetising non-core assets like towers may be one outcome, but another outcome is consolidation. But while it may seem obvious that MNO consolidation lowers the glass…

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