Apollo Solar: Why you should re-think charging your batteries with a diesel generator

The rocket scientists of solar apply their technology to reducing DG runtime to close to zero

Read this article to learn:

  • Why charging batteries from your DG wastes 20% of fuel opex
  • How to compare the reliability and maintenance costs of high-quality solar hybrid solutions versus the low-cost, ‘cheaper’ options
  • How to easily upgrade modular solar hybrid cell sites to add tenants
  • How an efficient MPPT Charge Controller extends battery life and saves even more opex
  • The capex costs of installing power electronics, solar panels, and batteries

The Pfeifer family has been in the energy delivery business for three generations. John’s grandfather delivered coal, his father delivered fuel oil, now John Pfeifer delivers sunshine! John is President and CEO of Apollo Solar, a designer and manufacturer of hybrid power equipment, who in 2002 was asked by NASA to get more power out…

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