Zinc-air batteries set to displace diesel generators in poor grid areas

Fluidic Energy enter the African market with their revolutionary technology

Read this article to learn:

  • How Fluidic’s zinc-air battery and hybrid architecture are ideally suited to applications with poor grid availability and variable ambient temperature
  • The scalability and integrability of Fluidic’s systems
  • Monitoring capabilities and inbuilt intelligence that can detect warning signs and mitigate the impact of cell failure
  • How Fluidic’s design helps mitigate theft
  • The progress of Fluidic’s African NOC and plans for local manufacturing
  • Fluidic’s track record in the telecom sector and how it is differentiated from its competitors

Having deployed over 100,000 batteries and 40MWh+ of energy storage worldwide, Fluidic Energy entered the African market in early 2016. Their zinc-air battery, with its ability to store large amounts of energy, capable of being released over very long periods of time, offers a unique solution for areas with poor grid availability. TowerXchange speak to…

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