A new player in Brazil from familiar faces
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A new player in Brazil from familiar faces

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Brazil Infrastructure Company (BIC) announces its launch, committed to advancing Brazil's telecommunications infrastructure

Brazil Infrastructure Company (BIC) a new company that specialises in designing and constructing build-to-suit digital assets through strategic development, aims to play a pivotal role in closing the connectivity gap across the country. Leading telecom operators such as Vivo, TIM, and Claro are at the forefront of this revolution in urban centres with state-of-the-art networks. However, BIC's mission extends beyond cities, reaching suburban and rural areas to ensure that all communities have access to the opportunities provided by modern communication technologies.

Leadership and strategic vision

BIC is led by a distinguished team of industry veterans: Javier Rodríguez García, Founder & CEO, Antonio Alvarez Modrono, Founder & CTO and Alex Sepehri-Nik, Founder & President. Javier Rodríguez García, often hailed as the "Pioneer" of the Brazilian telecom market, brings over 26 years of experience, including key roles at Telefónica Brasil (Vivo) where he spearheaded the development of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks working as a CTO and also as a Chairman of Board of Advisors at Brazilian Tower Company.

Antonio Alvarez Modrono, an Industrial Engineer from the University of Salamanca, has held pivotal leadership positions at Telefónica de España and Telefónica Internacional, and founded Ebrinton Consulting. Alex Sepehri-Nik, with 15 years in the Brazilian cellular infrastructure market, co-founded Brazil Tower Company and Arqueiro Telecom, significantly advancing the tower-sharing and backhaul services in Brazil. This leadership team ensures BIC’s capability to deliver high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to meet the evolving demands of Brazil's telecom industry.

TowerXchange: Why is the Brazilian telecom market ready for a new independent tower company amidst increasing competition?

Alex Sepehri-Nik - Founder & President Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

The Brazilian market is ripe for the introduction of a new independent tower company or infrastructure provider. Currently, almost all small and medium-sized tower companies have been acquired by IHS Towers, SBA Communications, or Highline, consolidating the market into the hands of a few major players. This has led to rising prices and a decline in service quality. The entry of a reliable and trusted provider would be a highly welcome addition, offering much-needed competition and improving overall service standards in the industry.

TowerXchange: What is BIC's long-term vision for the company and what you aim to achieve in the next five years?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

Our vision over the next five years is to establish BIC as a pivotal player in Brazil's telecom sector. We are committed to enhancing connectivity across urban and rural areas by leveraging strategic partnerships with major operators such as Claro, TIM, and Vivo. Additionally, we are exploring innovative collaborations with entities like PadiTec to extend our reach into agribusiness sectors, facilitating digital transformation in diverse industries.

Alex Sepehri-Nik - Founder & President Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

We plan to build approximately 200 towers over the next two years, focusing primarily on suburban and rural areas, with a preference for tower installations over rooftops. Brazil Tower Company currently has towers in 27 states within the Federal District of Brazil, and we aim to replicate this success by deploying 1,000 sites over the next five years. Additionally, within the first two years, we intend to integrate fibre to the tower, which is increasingly expected as part of our offering.

TowerXchange: BIC is set to complete its inaugural investment round. How this funding will be allocated and what investors can expect in terms of returns and milestones?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

The funds from our inaugural investment round will be primarily allocated towards accelerating infrastructure development. This includes acquiring prime locations, constructing state-of-the-art towers, and fostering collaborative ventures with telecom industry leaders. Investors can expect robust returns as we optimise operational efficiencies and achieve key deployment milestones across strategic regions in Brazil.

TowerXchange: How do you plan to leverage emerging technologies like 5G and 6G to enhance Brazil's telecom infrastructure?

Antonio Alvarez Modrono - Founder & CTO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

Emerging technologies such as 5G and the anticipated 6G will play a crucial role in transforming Brazil's telecom landscape. At BIC, we plan to deploy these technologies strategically, focusing on increasing network capacity and coverage. This involves deploying more base stations and leveraging partnerships to ensure comprehensive urban and rural coverage. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity and support digital innovation across various sectors.

TowerXchange: What strategic partnerships or collaborations is BIC is pursuing to achieve its goals?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

BIC is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the telecom industry. We are collaborating closely with major operators to expand network coverage and enhance service quality. Additionally, partnerships with technology providers and infrastructure developers are essential to our strategy, enabling us to deploy cutting-edge solutions efficiently. These collaborations are integral to achieving our goal of becoming a leader in Brazil's telecom infrastructure development.

TowerXchange: One of the critical areas of development is closing the connectivity gap in suburban and rural areas. What specific strategies and technologies will BIC deploy to ensure these regions are adequately served?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

Closing the connectivity gap in suburban and rural areas is a top priority for mobile network operators in Brazil. They are implementing tailored strategies such as leveraging lower-frequency spectrums for wider coverage and deploying innovative infrastructure solutions. This includes utilising existing infrastructure like utility poles and collaborating with local communities to optimise network deployment. By focusing on these strategies, mobile network operators aim to ensure that all regions in Brazil have access to reliable and high-speed telecommunications services.

TowerXchange: The telecom market in Brazil is highly competitive. How does BIC plan to differentiate itself and offer unique value propositions to its clients?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

In a competitive market like Brazil's telecom sector, differentiation is key. BIC differentiates itself through its agile deployment strategies, customer-centric approach, and commitment to technological innovation. We prioritise customer satisfaction by offering customised solutions and ensuring seamless integration of new technologies like 5G. By delivering superior service quality and expanding network reach, BIC aims to establish itself as a trusted partner for telecom operators and end-users alike.

TowerXchange: How does the combined expertise of the founders, Javier Rodriguez Garcia Antonio Alvarez, and Alex Sepehri-Nik position BIC for success in the rapidly evolving telecom landscape?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

The combined expertise of Antonio Alvarez, Alex Sepehri-Nik, and myself provides BIC with a strategic advantage in navigating the dynamic telecom landscape. Our team's diverse backgrounds in telecom infrastructure, technology deployment, and business development enable us to drive innovation and operational excellence at BIC. By leveraging our collective experience and industry insights, we are well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address evolving market demands effectively.

TowerXchange: How is BIC integrating sustainable practices and innovative solutions in its operations to not only advance telecom infrastructure but also contribute positively to the environment?

Javier Rodriguez Garcia - Founder & CEO, Brazilian Infrastructure Company (BIC)

Sustainability is integral to BIC's operational framework. We are committed to implementing eco-friendly practices such as utilizing sustainable materials in infrastructure development and minimising environmental impact during deployment. By promoting energy efficiency and recycling initiatives, BIC aims to contribute positively to the environment while advancing Brazil's telecom infrastructure. Our focus on sustainability aligns with global standards and reflects our commitment to responsible business practices in the telecommunications sector.

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